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Data Science & Business Intelligence

For new product features and process optimisations for CHECK24 product areas, you’ll analyse large amounts of data, create data pipelines and develop modern machine learning tools for use in our productive systems.


Data Science & Machine Learning

As a data scientist, you'll use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and statistical methods to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets. From ideation to implementation, you will be responsible for quickly transforming algorithms and prototypes into production-ready solutions that create real value for our customers. If you're passionate about transforming raw data into strategic assets and have a knack for problem-solving, we would like you to join our data team.

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Data Engineering

Data engineers build and optimize robust data pipelines that form the foundation of our data-driven initiatives. Your expertise in designing, building, and maintaining scalable data architectures will be key to ensuring seamless data integration, storage, and retrieval. Working closely with cross-functional teams, you will enable data accessibility and enable our data scientists and analysts to derive valuable insights that shape the future of our platform.

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Machine Learning Engineering

As a machine learning engineer at CHECK24, you will be shaping the future of our products and services. You'll be responsible for Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), seamlessly integrating ML models, and tuning them for optimal performance and scalability. Working with diverse teams, you'll tackle real-world challenges using machine learning techniques ranging from natural language processing to recommendation systems, driving fact-based decision-making at the heart of our business.

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Business Intelligence

As a business intelligence expert, you'll use big data and statistical techniques to uncover valuable patterns, clusters, and interdependencies, driving targeted analysis for informed operational and strategic decisions. Using tools such as Tableau, QlikSense and Google Analytics/Matomo with A/B testing, you'll create compelling data presentations and collaborate with senior management, product management, and IT teams to drive dynamic business growth.

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