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Why CHECK24?

Wondering why you should work for CHECK24? Here are some reasons to apply!

We create the best user experience and simplify the lives of millions of customers.

At CHECK24, we provide transparency and easy access to millions of online offers – in a neutral, objective way. For many customers, we are the starting point for many important decisions in their lives. Our free comparison websites help customers save time and money, which they can spend on the essential things in life.

We are proud that over 15 million customers have trusted us so far. We work hard to maintain and deepen this trust long-term. We measure our success by customer satisfaction.


We act in a fast, decentralized and non-hierarchical manner.

We have an unwavering belief in small, autonomous, and fast-acting teams. We create direct communication channels with the management team, thus enabling rapid coordination and quick decisions.

Our products are set up decentralized and independently so that decisions can be taken and features implemented, serving our customers best. Each team develops products in agile collaboration and continually releases product updates in many areas, even several times daily.


We support you as an individual.

All of our managers, including the managing directors, collaborate closely with their teams, coaching colleagues and supporting their development. Regular, open, and personal feedback is essential to our corporate culture.

Our wide range of available training programs offers the skills and knowledge you need for personal and professional development. We promote you when we believe you are ready for your next career step, not just when a position becomes vacant.


We think long-term.

We are an owner-managed company headquartered in Munich. We invest long-term in excellent products, technological innovations, and outstanding service. We’re not afraid of failure; instead, we learn from it.

Our focus is on constantly improving the user experience, and every day we strive to be the most customer-friendly website on the Internet. We support our customers far beyond their transactions, handle issues, and respond to all customer complaints – unconditionally and without compromise.


We live openness and diversity.

At CHECK24, we promote a culture of solidarity and trust, belonging, and mutual respect where everybody is part of the team and has the chance to live up to his full potential.

Our diversity makes us unique. Our CHECKitos come from more than 70 nations and speak over 50 languages at 20 different locations.

We have large spaces for cross-functional and intercultural exchange, for example in our teams, by setting up after-work lounges at our locations and by holding hackathons as well as sports events. We regularly celebrate our successes at numerous events.


We believe in sustainability and social responsibility.

For more than 20 years, we have been taking responsibility towards our customers. This includes consistently aligning our corporate actions with sustainability – for both our society and the world we live in. Because social, ecological, and economic activities impact each other, we decided to focus our commitment on the initiative CHECK24 hilft.

Since 2021, we have been determining our carbon footprint annually with the experts from ClimatePartner. We then invest in climate protection projects and offset any remaining emissions that cannot be reduced. We also support the ecological behaviour of our employees with job tickets and subsidies for private green electricity. For our customers, we aim to offer sustainable solutions in all product areas, such as green electricity and donation options, which help them behave more environmentally consciously.