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IT & Web Development and Systemadministration

Excellent developers are essential for a strong product, which is why software development is the core focus of CHECK24. And to support them, we are running numerous IT systems that need maintenance by system administrators. Are you curious and enjoy working in agile teams? Together, we develop innovative products and features for millions of customers.


App Development

Develop native apps for iOS and Android - we don’t think much of hybrid apps. The customer needs to receive comparison results quickly and seamlessly! Just like other areas at CHECK24, we work on a product-specific basis and design and develop our own innovative features for each area.

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System administration

At CHECK24, we integrate many IT systems and landscapes. We work in close cooperation with the backend team and our full stack development on specific products.

Your workload is therefore extremely diverse: in addition to optimising systems based on DevOps principles, you’ll also manage server setups and deployments using software such as Ansible or Puppet. Our systems must be secure and powerful, which is why regular updates and upgrades are required. We are characterised by a deep understanding of the software we use.

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Fullstack development

You will combine your strengths in frontend and backend knowledge and form the interface function between these two teams.

You will take responsibility for the entire IT value chain in the case of new features or a product improvement – at the end of the day, you have overall insight!

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Backend development

This is where the magic happens! We continuously develop our core systems (e.g. APIs, price calculations or connecting providers). The programming languages also vary depending on the department and we use a broad tech stack. We focus on working with Java, C#, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. We deal intensively with efficient code and always have the goal of high-performance systems in mind. We generate speed for our customers!

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Frontend development

JavaScript, HTML and CSS – that’s our world. Our core business focusses on developing our dialogue and step-by-step workflow. After all, we give everything to ensure the best customer experience! To do this, we use different, already established frameworks, depending on the comparison product, (from jQuery to Angular/React) and develop them in an agile way. You should also have a creative streak: you’ll be developing new and creative frontend solutions for our customers.

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Fantastic new features mean nothing if they don’t work properly. You’ll guarantee the excellent quality of our product comparisons for desktop, mobile and apps using professional test plans and test cases based on customer requirements.

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