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Michelle, Trainee Software Development
Michelle, Trainee Software Development

05. March 2024

Michelle, Trainee Software Development

Michelle started as a trainee in software development at CHECK24 at the end of last year. In Dortmund, as part of the program, she goes through various stages to gain a broad insight into the areas of software development. You can find out what she likes most about her role at Steuer-CHECK in the interview.

Hello Michelle, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I'm Michelle, 27 years old, and I've been working as a trainee in software development at "SteuerCHECK" in Dortmund since September 2023. Originally, I don't come from the field of computer science; I'm a chemist. Before joining CHECK24, I worked in a research group for inorganic chemistry at the university and completed my doctoral studies.

How did you come to CHECK24 in Dortmund?

When I started looking for positions, the trainee position in Dortmund immediately caught my attention, so I applied on the spot. The job interviews and the initial visit to the location only reinforced my positive impression. Therefore, I was very excited about the opportunity to start in IT at CHECK24. After nearly 6 months, I can confidently say that I definitely do not regret the decision!

Where does your interest in software development come from?

Programming during a project at university fascinated me from the beginning because it combines creativity and logic. Additionally, I quickly noticed how a few lines of code could already make my life easier, such as automating processes or analyzing data. The more I learned in this field, the more enjoyment I derived from this work. Ultimately, I preferred sitting at the computer and writing code over being in the laboratory. Software development was then the next logical step for me to further develop myself and learn new things.

The best thing about your trainee position at CHECK24?

"Here, I can actively shape my trainee period, allowing me to take on responsibility from the start and having plenty of room for initiative."

Michelle, Trainee Software Development

Tell me, how does your trainee program at CHECK24 unfold?

My trainee program is divided into various stages, allowing me to gain a broad insight into different areas of software development. Before starting, I developed a personalized trainee plan with our Head of Department IT, taking into account my existing knowledge and interests.

The stages in my trainee plan include backend development in the Operations team, frontend development in the Desktop team, and finally, a stint in the App team. I always learn new content directly on the product, making it very practical. For example, I am currently working on our new product homepage.

Throughout each stage, experienced colleagues are always available to assist me, and I can approach them with questions anytime. They also provide additional sessions to delve deeper into certain topics. However, I mainly independently familiarize myself with new subjects through my assigned tasks.

Regular feedback sessions, which help adjust the content and discuss the next steps, complete the trainee program.

What do you like most about your trainee position, and what has been your most exciting learning experience so far?

I particularly like that I could take responsibility for my tasks from the beginning, that I have a lot of room for initiative, and I can actively shape my trainee period. Additionally, it is very motivating to see how I continue to develop every week.

I believe my most exciting learning experience so far has been realizing that I am capable of much more than I initially thought. It's not crucial where I started; what matters is where I will develop with my potential and motivation. Looking back at the past few months, I am proud of my steep learning curve and look forward to everything that lies ahead on this journey.

What surprised you the most when you started in software development at CHECK24?

What surprised me the most was that in software development (at least at CHECK24), there is so much communication. There is constant interaction within the IT department but also with product management, and no one is left completely alone with their tasks. Software development is teamwork. That surprised me, considering all the stereotypes about software development, but I think it's great!

And finally, tell us, why should one kickstart their career in software development at CHECK24 after completing their training or studies?

The trainee program provides an excellent opportunity for professional and personal development. It allows individuals to gain practical insights into various areas of software development and develop a strong sense of their own strengths and interests. It offers the chance to explore different specialized directions (App, Web, Backend, Frontend, etc.) and accumulate broad practical experience.

I would particularly like to encourage (young) women to take this path or consider it because I know that entering this still largely male-dominated industry can be a challenge, especially if you haven't started coding in your childhood bedroom. At CHECK24, all colleagues work on an equal footing, providing ample space for growth and gaining confidence, ultimately allowing individuals to showcase their skills.

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