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Robin, Teamlead Product Management
Robin, Teamlead Product Management

14. February 2023

Robin Teamlead Product Management

Robin has been working at CHECK24 since 2019 - he started as a junior product manager and has since become a team leader. In Dortmund, he pursues the goal of enabling customers to get the maximum tax refund with as little effort as possible. True to the motto: Taxes can also be fun!

Hello Robin, please introduce yourself briefly.

I'm Robin, 32 years old, and I work as a team leader in product management at CHECK24 in Dortmund. After completing my Master's degree in Product and Asset Management, I first joined a mechanical engineering group as a product manager for software products before joining CHECK24 in 2019 - at that time as a junior product manager.

How can you imagine the job of a product manager for tax software?

As product manager for SteuerCHECK, I work first to enable the customer to get the maximum tax refund with as little effort as possible. This means that we present the complex topic of income tax returns to the customer in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

We also develop features that help the customer prepare the tax return itself and beyond. One example is the automatic check of the tax assessment from the tax office. For this, we define the technical concepts with our IT, create mockups and then accompany the topics until they go live and are in operation.

Describe your tax team in 3 words!

Teamwork, curiosity, stamina - We know that we can only achieve our goals together and are on fire for our product, which we proactively improve daily.

Tell us about the advantages of helping to set up a new product at CHECK24 right from the start?

As part of one of the largest and most successful German online companies, we can think long-term from the start and thus build the best product for the customer.

When it comes to implementation, our agility sets us apart - with our IT team, we can turn ideas into reality within a few hours.

For me personally, this means that I was able to directly contribute and implement my ideas, was allowed to take on responsibility from the very beginning and thus developed personally and professionally incredibly quickly.

The best thing about CHECK24?

Here I have the chance to creatively solve technically complex issues and to actively help drive things forward!

Robin, Teamlead Product Management

Why is the topic of taxes fun, even against all the clichés?

For me, the topic of taxes is so much fun precisely because of the many clichés. A tax return probably means stress and anything but joy for most people. Therefore, it is our challenge to design the tax return of the future in such a way that it becomes child's play for our clients.

Since I've always loved working with numbers and have incredible fun creatively solving complex problems, this is just the right challenge for me!

What advice would you give to potential applicants who are also interested in product management?

The will to familiarise yourself with technically complex issues and an apparent willingness to learn are advantages if you want to start with us.

Furthermore, it helps to have an eye for details and to actively push things forward. Here you are really allowed to shape things. The basis for this is our open discussion culture. With us, the best argument wins.

Our fantastic team, which also has a lot of fun together outside of work, makes it particularly easy to get started.

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