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Lars, Director IT
Lars, Director IT

09. March 2023

Lars, Director IT

Lars has worked at CHECK24 for eight years and has been the Director of IT in Hamburg since 2019. He ensures that all IT teams function smoothly and that the code base is constantly developed. In the interview, he reveals what you should bring with you as a software developer to be successful.

Hello Lars, please introduce yourself briefly.

I'm Lars, Director of IT at CHECK24 in Hamburg. I'm responsible for everything related to software development in Hamburg and ensure everything runs smoothly.

What do you like best about your job?

My tasks are divided into two areas: On the one hand, I make sure that our IT teams run smoothly. On the other hand, I ensure our code base is constantly being developed and improved.

Both are huge tasks that I couldn't handle on my own. Fortunately, I have highly motivated colleagues around me who actively support me. So every day I am in contact with excellent colleagues, with whom I get a lot of exercise - that is the best thing about my job.

What surprised you the most at CHECK24 when you started with us?

A large number of different products surprised me at first. But I quickly understood that these many small units make it possible to make decisions flexibly and implement things fast. Agility is not just a buzzword at CHECK24; it is lived every day.

Eight years of CHECK24: What is your best memory?

Our joint trip to Mallorca: After the long Corona period without collaborative team events, we could finally spend a few very nice days with all our colleagues again. The rest falls under the Las Vegas rule.

Lars, Director IT

Theory or practice: What must a good software developer bring along?

The theory is always something that someone else has written down for us. It helps us avoid the problems someone else has already had.

Practice is when you have to solve new problems. Solving these problems ensures that we develop as software developers and can solve new problems more efficiently in the future.

Therefore, theory forms an essential foundation, and practice is what makes us good software developers!

Stereotypes in IT: Which of them are true?

Software development is a man's job!

Unfortunately, this is often true, and the percentage of women still needs to be 50%. At CHECK24, we promote young female software developers because we don't think IT should be a male-only domain!

Software developers are nerds!

That is not the case. Our colleagues are as diverse as IT itself. By involving our IT colleagues heavily in the application process of new CHECKitos, we prove that IT people don't just code and keep to themselves. We've also shown at several parties that we're good at partying. But here, too, the Las Vegas rule applies.

What distinguishes recruiting at CHECK24 from other companies?

We are fast! When things are running optimally, a maximum of three days pass between the first contact and the signing of the contract. In between, there is a Zoom interview and a familiarization day in the office. We need to offer applicants a good CHECK24 experience to determine whether it matches both sides.

We invest much time searching for the perfect match and are very well-positioned with permanent hiring teams. Applicants often confirm this to us after the introductory day, as they contact many colleagues and receive direct feedback on the code they have developed. I am very proud of this process and our team!

For more details on our recruiting process, listen to the podcast episode where I told you more about our processes and shared some exciting CHECK24 insights.

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