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Sophie & Kathi, Lead Performance Marketing Management
Sophie & Kathi, Lead Performance Marketing Management

18. October 2022

Kathi & Sophie, Lead Performance Marketing

Katharina and Sophie started together six years ago in Leipzig as trainees in Performance Marketing to build up the marketing department for package holidays. In the interview, the two provide an exciting insight into their daily lives as dual leads and tell us more about their path from trainees to leads.

Hello you two. Please introduce yourselves briefly.

I'm Kathi; I have been with CHECK24 for six years and work as a lead in Performance Marketing. My focus is on managing the SEA channels for the CHECK24 product Hotel. Here, close cooperation with product management and IT is essential, and regular performance analyses for the continuous development of our SEM activities are part of our daily business.


My name is Sophie, and I have been working at CHECK24 for six years; like Kathi, I am now a leader in Performance Marketing. I also look after and coordinate the various channels such as Google Ads, Display, or Social Media for a wide range of travel products - but my focus is on the CHECK24 package holiday product. Market and competition analyses are indispensable for the strategic directions of our work.

Why CHECK24?

I particularly liked that we got to know the different areas of performance marketing on the job and had the chance to build a new team together in Leipzig.


That’s right - building something new together, learning from experts, and finding yourself in an agile working environment after graduation was the traineeship's main attraction points.

The best thing about CHECK24?

The chance to work in a young team that is constantly growing and always on the move professionally!

Kathi, Sophie Lead Performance Marketing

How has your job changed in recent years and what is the best thing about it?
Kathi & Sophie:

The CHECK24 travel sector is constantly developing and growing from year to year. As a result, our portfolio of tasks is changing and expanding, and our team is increasing consequently. This makes our everyday work very interesting. Furthermore, we especially like the close cooperation within the team and the flat hierarchies. Our ideas and concepts find open ears at every level.

What can you tell us about your work at CHECK24?

During my traineeship, the learning curve was steep, but the tasks were individually tailored to our strengths. As a result, even after six years, we are still learning, trying out new things, and developing every day.


In addition to the day-to-day work in Performance Marketing, we have now reached a level where we learn and develop and can actively pass on our knowledge to our new team members. This is fun. In general, our teams thrive on knowledge sharing and best practices. From a technical point of view, we are always on the move and never stand still.

What should an ideal team member bring with them?
Kathi & Sophie:

Our ideal colleague should be passionate about online marketing and the latest trends in SEA. If they also enjoy traveling, fun and work would come together in our team.

While we are on the subject - the most important thing is a great sense of humor, which makes working in our team so unique!

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