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Sebastian & Jakob
Sebastian & Jakob

23. March 2023

Jakob, Inhouse Consultant

Anyone looking for a job will often come across various buzzwords in job advertisements. But what is behind these trendy terms? In the video, we tell you what we at CHECK24 mean by impact and ownership and why Jakob is the best example of steep career opportunities in in-house consulting.

What does CHECK24 understand by ownership?

With us at Inhouse Consulting, you have ownership of your own projects from your first day, drive them forward, and can prove yourself here. There is an exciting variety of projects, from implementing strategic things to sales - you can really let off steam.

If you have a lot of ownership, a career comes with it, right?

Of course! With the experience you can gain there in a short time, you can also develop very quickly. You will get to know a lot of people, push your own topics, and then, after two to three years, take the next step and go into an existing product or maybe even build a new one.

For me, that next step is right now, as I'm in the process of building a new product and experiencing career opportunities firsthand.

What is the impact of your work at CHECK24?

You see and feel the impact on our team every day. That's also the cool thing that distinguishes in-house consulting from external management consulting. You're not just there until the concept is ready and ends up in a drawer, but you accompany the project and see what impact your ideas have on the company.

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