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Jacqueline, Sales Manager
Jacqueline, Sales Manager

26. March 2024

Jacqueline, Sales Manager

Jacqueline has been working in partner management at CHECK24 Möbel in Berlin for two years. You can find out about a typical workday as a sales manager and how quickly and uncomplicated her application process at CHECK24 was in the interview.

Hello Jacqueline, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hi, I'm Jacqueline, and I've been working in partner management at CHECK24 Möbel for two years. I moved to Berlin in 2018 for my Digital Management Master's degree, then worked at an innovation consulting firm before switching to CHECK24.

How did you become aware of CHECK24?

I worked on a project at my previous employer, among other things, which focused on secure digital identification methods for marketplace registrations. This led me to delve deeper into the marketplace sector, and that's how I came across CHECK24 as an employer. I found the job posting for the sales team directly on CHECK24's career page.

How was your application process? What convinced you about CHECK24?

I was surprised by how quickly everything went and wondered where the catch was because the application process only took one to two weeks. By now, I've found out that there is no catch, and all teams at CHECK24 simply act very quickly. CHECK24 is an established digital company with many different areas where we can make decisions quickly. This is also reflected in the application process because I received the invitation to a personal interview just one day after the initial phone call, and immediately after that, I received the offer.

The best thing about CHECK24?

I was amazed at how quickly the application process unfolded: Just one day after the initial phone call, I received the invitation to a personal interview, and immediately after that, I got the offer.

Jacqueline, Sales Manager

What does a typical workday look like for you?

My workday typically starts around 8:00 AM. First, I take a look at the sales figures from the previous day, review the bestsellers, and then focus on my emails until the stand-up meeting, where our team briefly updates each other. Then, I proceed with some phone calls or Zoom meetings with potential partners or those already in the integration phase. Depending on whether an acquisition campaign is underway, the focus may be on lead identification and prioritization, contacting partners, checking data feeds, or conducting test orders. To better understand the processes, I also managed some furniture retailers for a few months, analyzed their performance, identified measures to increase sales, and implemented them.

What are your responsibilities as a Sales Manager?

My main focus lies on the following three areas:

➞ As a Sales Manager, I take care of acquiring new Home and Living retailers: from the initial contact through some technical aspects to account activation.

➞ Additionally, I manage some interface partners. With the help of these interfaces, retailers can easily provide us with all product information via export. Order transmission also takes place through the interface. The more interfaces, the better.

➞ For several months now, I have also been responsible for recruiting and onboarding new talents.

What advice would you give to someone interested in the sales area at CHECK24?

One should definitely be communicative, patient, and structured because with many integrations, there are usually some technical issues and many questions that need to be addressed. Your task is to keep an overview and guide the retailers through the onboarding process.

And finally, tell us 3 fun facts about CHECK24 in Berlin!

1. Our office used to be an old laundry.

2. Our meeting rooms are named after the districts of Berlin. In other locations, rooms are named after famous clubs, for example.

3. Heavy-duty shelves are among our bestsellers, and our entire team wonders if by now, everyone in Germany has at least one heavy-duty shelf at home.

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