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CHECK.code 2023
CHECK.code 2023

26. July 2023

CHECK.code "Be fast - Be the best"

The daily routine of a developer is multifaceted - from requirements, analyses and coordination meetings to quality measures. With our first internal CHECK.code Coding Competition, we wanted to focus exclusively on the core: Coding.

"Be fast - be the best" - In two days, our best IT employees competed against each other, and each solved 24 programming tasks with increasing levels of difficulty. Individual performance progress was visible to everyone at all times via a leaderboard to strengthen the competitive nature of the event.

Who were the participants of CHECK.code?

Out of over 250 participants, the top 30% qualified for the event in two virtual rounds, of which 80 students, juniors and professionals were ultimately allowed to participate. Since the participants had to register and qualify themselves, the event focused on performance, discipline and initiative.

Who were the participants of CHECK.code?

After a virtual pre-qualification with 250 interested, 90 employees qualified for the event. In the end, 80 students, juniors and professionals took part. The focus was on performance and personal initiative through self-registration and the necessary pre-qualification.

Your impression of CHECK.code?

Even when the Coding Challenge was over, the participants sat together to exchange ideas about different solution strategies and approaches.

It was great to see how much fun the participants had with these complex challenges and how intensive the exchange among the IT enthusiasts was even after the Coding Challenge.

Lena, personnel developer and CHECK.code organizer

Where did the idea for CHECK.code come from?

Promoting young talent has always played an essential role at CHECK24, so we wanted to offer another highlight for our young IT talent with this event. The unique thing about it was that it was an event by our young talent for the young talent because two working students set up the competition platform: Robyn came to CHECK24 through the e-fellows scholarship, Matthias was a participant in the first round of our IT student scholarship "Code Club".

In addition to their studies, both were primarily responsible for programming and making the project successful. For us, this is the epitome of promoting young talent - giving young talents the chance to carry out challenging projects and participate in extraordinary events.

What was your personal highlight at CHECK.code?

The last minutes of the contest until the award ceremony were a real thrill. Ten minutes before the end of the competition, the leaderboard was no longer visible, so you could no longer see who would win the race in the future. So my joy was all the greater when I grabbed 1st place at the award ceremony. That was a special moment that I wouldn't forget in a hurry.

Felix, Winner Coding Competition

What mood should be created at the event?

We wanted to achieve a combination of Fear, Fun and Focus.

Fear: Through challenging tasks that triggered the right amount of stress, we wanted to keep the tension high and create an exceptional situation through the time component.

Fun: Doing what you love - programming and solving complex challenges.

Focus: Creating a calm, concentrated atmosphere where all participants can work on the tasks with complete guide and go above and beyond.

What was unique about the CHECK.code?

The atmosphere was unique. When the competition started right after the countdown, it suddenly became quiet, and you could see the participants thinking - that was impressive! I would have loved to sit down and participate.

Philipp, Director IT & Managing Director

What was the message behind the event?

Coding should be understood as a craft, as you build up your knowledge over the years, constantly developing and perfecting it.

Software developers have unique characteristics that are difficult to imitate by an AI. Trends, such as ChatGPT, bring us new inventions that can think for us. But our greatest asset is that through collaboration and innovative approaches, we will continue to solve challenges that an AI can never solve.

That's why we wanted to encourage our CHECKitos in their craft and coding and support their professional and personal growth.

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