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App Hackathon 2022
App Hackathon 2022

19. July 2022

CHECK24 Events: App Hackathon

CHECK24 comparisons via smartphone and tablet are becoming increasingly popular and our app developers are working every day to offer our customers an even better comparison experience. To promote cross-site exchange and work together to make the app even better, CHECK24 organised the App Hackathon 2022.

App Hackathon 2022

Continuous development and optimization of the CHECK24 app is important to offer our customers the best comparison experience. The customer has to get comparison results quickly! Like other areas at CHECK24, our app developers work product-specifically, designing and developing their own innovative features for each area. Nevertheless, to promote cross-site exchange and make the app even better as a team, CHECK24 organized the App Hackathon 2022.

For two days, 90 app developers, both iOS and Android, from all CHECK24 locations came together at our headquarters in Munich. Even developers from our Madrid location travelled to experience the exciting event. The App Hackathon for all app developers has been held at CHECK24 headquarters in Munich since 2017.

Why is the App Hackathon held?

At this event, participants have the chance to get to know colleagues from other locations in person and exchange ideas on technical topics that go beyond the day to day tasks in a relaxed atmosphere.

What did the event look like?

After getting to know each other first, the prepared pitches with the hack ideas were presented. The topics ranged from simple utility apps that make everyday life easier to entire apps and hardware prototypes. As soon as a team was found that wanted to "hack" together on a topic, it was time to get started. A photo challenge was also organized, where great prizes like hoodies could be won together as a team.

Special attention was also paid to everyone's well-being: With small loosening up exercises and "energizer games" the participants could work even better on their topics. At the end of the first day, the evening was duly spent with a joint meal and an appropriate celebration.

On the second day, the hacking continued. At the end, the teams prepared their pitches to inform each other about the projects. With goodie bags and a final talk, a successful event with more than 90 app developers came to an end.

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