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Moritz, Frontend-Entwickler
Moritz, Frontend-Entwickler

21. July 2021

Moritz, Frontend Developer

Moritz studied business informatics because he wanted to "do something with computers". He started off as a working student in web development and has now been happily working as a front-end developer at CHECK24 Cologne for two and a half years. We talked to him about his job with us.

Hi Moritz, tell us what your job at CHECK24 is like?

I'm an Angular developer at CHECK24 Mobilfunk (mobile communications) in Cologne, which means I take care of the part of our comparison that customers can see directly.

In the mobile communications section, we provide customers with a comparison of mobile phone rates with and without a mobile phone and offer them helpful services on the subject of cell phones, such as a cancellation service or news and guides.

What are your tasks as a frontend developer with us?

That varies greatly. Of course, my main task is to implement our product managers' designs for new features. However, I also coordinate with our backend and native apps developers in the team on how we design our interfaces. I also read the code of my colleagues and make suggestions for improvements if necessary. And, of course, we talk a lot about what the best solution could look like.

Why CHECK24?

I completed my Master's degree in Dresden. But I didn't want to stay there, I wanted to go back home. I didn't know that CHECK had a location in Cologne and was positively surprised when it was suggested to me. At the get-to-know-you day, I then had the feeling, "I think this place is cool. I'd like to start here." This feeling was confirmed!

Tell us about your team!

Currently, we are 12 developers in the team. We all support each other and everyone is always open to answer each other's questions. We have a great team spirit, where we sometimes tease each other a bit and laugh together. We also regularly play computer games with a few colleagues in the evenings or sit together over an after-work beer.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

In the morning, we have our daily meeting, where we discuss which tickets we are currently working on and where we might need the support of our colleagues. After that, I usually do code reviews and then continue to code on my own tickets.

As part of that, I talk to the product managers or colleagues if there is still a need for clarification. Once a week we have our frontend meeting where we share among all frontend developers about weird bugs, news from the scene or cool features and also agree on new best practices.

What is your favorite technology and why?

Definitely TypeScript. I used to do a bit with JavaScript and finding bugs was super annoying when there was a typo in there somewhere. With TypeScript you have so many possibilities to avoid that and you can write nice and clean code and refactor super easy.

What was your most interesting project so far?

That would have to be our new application section, where the customer has to enter his data in order to sign a new contract with us. The project ran for several months and I was allowed to take over a large part of the central logic in the front end.

I'm proud of it, because in addition to the nicer and better user experience, we were also able to improve the developer experience, so that it is now easier to implement new features quickly.

Which of our guidelines play a role in your daily work?

I'm particularly influenced by "Excellence in Execution" - All of us in the team always try to find the best solution and have very high standards for ourselves, especially when it comes to code quality.

"Openness & Willingness to Learn" - Through our code reviews and the frontend meeting, there is always plenty of opportunity to learn something new or to explicitly look at new things before implementing a feature.

And why do you like doing your job?

I enjoy solving new "logic puzzles" and seeing something evolve. I'm still fascinated by lining up words with angle brackets and suddenly an interactive picture emerges! And that you can get into endless discussions about what is the best version of the code and why.

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