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Techies@CHECK24 - Luca, PHP Developer
Techies@CHECK24 - Luca, PHP Developer

24. August 2021

Luca, PHP Developer

Luca studied computer science at FU Berlin and worked as a web developer for two and a half years. Since September 2020, he is now a Full Stack Developer at CHECK24 Profis in Berlin. His current tech stack: PHP in the backend and React in the frontend.

Luca, first of all, tell us in which product you work at CHECK24!

I work at CHECK24 Profis, the search for services of all kinds, such as moving companies, artisans, or even DJs for a party. The service providers (professionals) can register and then receive reasonable customer requests for which they can submit an offer. The customers then choose a suitable offer and can clarify the details directly with the professional.

What are your tasks here as a Full Stack PHP Developer?

My tasks are very diverse. The CHECK24 professionals are currently undergoing a comprehensive technical restructuring. Specialized stand-alone systems are gradually replacing a central system that handles all inquiries. For this purpose, processes must be conceptualized, and modules and interfaces must be redesigned and implemented. Many things have to be created from scratch. And I am part of this project.

In such a unique transformation, I enjoy being an all-rounder and contributing my experience as a full-stack developer everywhere.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Our agile way of working includes a short daily meeting ("Daily"), in which the current and upcoming tasks are discussed within the team. If necessary, further cross-team meetings on current or upcoming topics follow.

The development process itself is closely coordinated with the product management team. But development at our company is also teamwork from a technical perspective. So, for example, when dealing with tricky problems or training new colleagues, I like to participate in pair programming sessions, where you can always learn something.

Another essential part of my daily work are code reviews, where I give feedback to my colleagues and get feedback on my code.

We regularly communicate best practices and new technical developments within the team and across the board. In addition, there is also the opportunity to get involved in company-wide expert groups. CHECK24 also regularly organizes IT meetups on various tech topics, which employees and external people can attend. I am a regular attendee and like to exchange ideas with others.

What are your highlights in your day-to-day work?

A highlight is when a feature I've worked on goes live. To see how a part is used and accepted is something special for me each time. I look forward to every day when I can learn something new or pass something on to my colleagues.

What is your favourite technology and why?

My first programming experience was 15 years ago with PHP and JavaScript. Although the entire IT environment has completely changed since then, my former fascination is still a significant factor why I stayed with web development: The web is based on open standards, meaning anyone can implement and make ideas accessible according to their own imagination. Furthermore, because almost every device is capable of displaying a web page, the web can reach a large number of users.

I also enjoyed other technologies during my studies, but my passion for the web remained. As a result, today, I work with my favorite technology every day!

What was your most interesting project so far?

Our messenger, where the communication between service providers and the customer occurs, is one of the central components of our system. In a small task force, we got the opportunity to work on this project in a focused way over a more extended time. As a result, we were able to develop the feature from scratch. A great project with a lot of creative freedom and, at the same time, the opportunity to take on responsibility.

High-quality and clearly defined interfaces are critical with such a central and essential feature. The intensive focus on this project has paid off, and we successfully took the messenger live.

What can you tell us about your team and colleagues?

My team consists of both developers and product managers. Everyone can contribute their own knowledge, experience, and opinions. Everyone in the group works passionately on our product and for the common cause. The team atmosphere is addressed too. We all get along well and enjoy working together, so a relaxed atmosphere is almost always. Of course, this is also encouraged by the possibility of regular team events, such as games, evenings, or parties. In addition, you can get to know colleagues outside your team at company events, such as the recent sports challenge or the summer party.

Which of our guidelines drives you the most?

“Openness & a high willingness to learn - because it stands for the demand to constantly develop myself. For me, that means regularly improving my education, exchanging ideas, and trying things out.”

Luca, PHP Developer

What has helped you become the professional you are today?

A "just do it" mindset because even in programming, you only develop through regular training and application. Once I have an idea, I try to implement it in small steps, even if the path to the final product might not be apparent to me.

And finally: Why web development at CHECK24?

My tasks are varied and offer me many opportunities for co-determination. I can contribute my knowledge and ideas and still develop myself at the same time. And last but not least, I love the daily collaboration with friendly colleagues. I think the mix at CHECK24 is perfect. You have the advantages of an established online company, and at the same time, you have enough freedom to make decisions due to the decentralized structure. Each comparison product can optimize its area individually, which is one of the success factors. And as a developer, you have a direct impact on the success of the customers.

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