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KickOff: Product management Focus Groups
KickOff: Product management Focus Groups

21. April 2022

Focus groups: Product management

In spring 2022, the kick-off for the product management focus groups took place. But what exactly are focus groups, and what does CHECK24 learn from this exchange? Katharina, Head of Programming for the PM focus groups, and the participants share their impressions of the event and explain why discussions up the chain are so important.

What is the aim of the focus groups?

The focus groups are designed to promote the cross-vertical exchange of expertise. The participants can broaden their knowledge through the company network and share best practices from past projects.


The focus groups offer the perfect platform for taking a closer look at new topics and bringing your expertise to the table. These insights are then transferred to the product, and the knowledge pool increases. Participants also expand their network and benefit from regular discussions with their colleagues.

Programme management, Product Management Focus Group

How exactly are the focus groups set up?

Nine focus groups look at different topics: App, Desktop/Mobile, Customer Portal, Operations, Payment, and Quality Assurance. The 106 participants were nominated by their managers based on their professional expertise and bringing their knowledge and experience to the focus groups.

Which projects have been carried out to date?

Since each focus group is different, the topics and projects discussed are equally diverse. Last year, exciting content was developed, from discussions on email categorization and chatbots to app testing and speakers to be invited to seminars. The participants' interests formed the content for each focus group meeting.


To keep our verticals dashing in the payment area despite the increasing complexity, we created the Payment focus group.

Here, we want to discuss our portfolio, current developments, and best practices in a Payment Lab and look forward to directing feedback and suggestions from every day Payment verticals.

Lead, Payment Focus Group

What happens after the kick-off?

After the general kick-off, each focus group will have its kick-off. In addition to in-depth familiarization, the focus is primarily on finding topics for the year. From then on, each focus group individually manages its meetings.


Meeting with the PMs from the other sites was very refreshing. I particularly enjoyed coming up with a shared vision. I'm excited about what we'll come up with over the next few months.

Junior Product Manager, App Focus Group participant

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