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David, Head of Department Product- und Tariff Management
David, Head of Department Product- und Tariff Management

02. April 2024

David, Head of Department Product- and Tarif Management

David has been working at CHECK24 in the field of accident and life insurance for 14 years. Currently, he is responsible for product and tariff management in Munich. You can find out more about what exactly this entails and what motivates him the most in his daily life in the interview.

Hello David, please introduce yourself briefly.

I am David, and I have been working in the field of accident insurance since 2014. However, my activity began in 2010 when I worked in property insurance with approximately 10 different products. Before joining CHECK24, I gained experience in the rather dusty insurance world.

Working with these insurers showed me the enormous potential still present in the insurance market. Back then, there was hardly any digitalization, very complex processes, and no transparency for the customers. At CHECK24, I recognized the opportunity to present and solve many of these matters better online.

What is your greatest motivation?

The constant change at CHECK24 is extremely motivating! Since my first day of work, there has always been movement here. Sometimes it can be challenging when things are constantly changing, BUT: Without CHECK24, I would never be where I am today! The company offers great opportunities for personal development.

My team and colleagues are also a major motivator. We always meet each other on an equal footing and find solutions together. And on Friday evenings, we also take some time for a beer or five.

What makes your career path at CHECK24 special for you?

For me, what's particularly special is the progression from my original role as "(Junior) Sales Coordination" to my current position as "Head of Department Product and Tariff Management." When I joined here, I was still very young and learned a multitude of skills. These include proficiency in various programming languages, managing partnerships with our insurance partners, project management for various larger projects, and the development of a complete product, in this case, the accident product.

The best thing about CHECK24?

My team and colleagues here at CHECK24. We always meet each other on equal footing and find solutions together.

David, Head of Department Product- and Tariff Management

How do you keep a cool head in stressful situations?

My approach may seem quite boring: identify the problem, find a solution, achieve the goal. Most of the time, I perceive stress only positively because there is always plenty to do. But because I know what needs to be done and how, effective time management is of utmost importance to me. Of course, there have been some really stressful situations too. But one thing I've learned from them: You never have to face them alone.

What team experience will you never forget?

I remember that very well! My very first weekend getaway with CHECK24 took place in Ampflwang. It was a weekend I spent with the entire company, from Friday to Sunday at a hotel. There was an abundance of activities, and in the evenings, we also had some really great parties!

What advice would you give to young talents aspiring to top positions or wanting to launch their careers as leaders?

Prepare yourself for the fact that CHECK24 changes faster than many other companies, and that is a key part of our success! Enjoy the challenges of the projects, even if they are often very complex, because technologically there are hardly any limits to solutions. Be proactive and drive many things forward independently because often things only happen when you take the initiative yourself.

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