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CHECK24 IT Onboarding
CHECK24 IT Onboarding

21. August 2023

CHECK24 IT Onboarding

For a tech company like CHECK24, IT plays a significant role. Our platform thrives on motivated and intelligent software developers who make our service a little better every day. To give all newcomers a successful start in this important area, we have the CHECK24 IT Onboarding Program.

What is IT Onboarding?

IT onboarding aims to give all IT employees a general overview of CHECK24 and familiarize them with the IT vision & strategy. The central IT onboarding at CHECK24 takes place in addition to the professional onboarding and is aimed at all IT employees who are new to CHECK24 or have transferred internally to this area. The two-day event occurs monthly at our Munich location, alternating between German and English. For this purpose, all new starters travel to Munich and thus have the opportunity to visit the central location and exchange ideas with each other.

Why is onboarding held?

The two days are about getting insights and tips from real experts, networking and making contacts. The program combines interactive exercises and informative presentations on the selected topics.


I have been supervising the program for several years now, and I always find it great to see how the participants understand entirely and internalize the IT strategy and vision of CHECK24. In addition, the exchange over two days with so many good software developers, centrally in one place, is entertaining.

Lead Technical Advisor, IT Career & Training

How does the onboarding process work?

The new starters can expect the following program on the two onboarding days:

- Insight into the corporate vision and strategy

- Discussion of the role that the IT employees will take on as well as the strategy that will be pursued on the part of IT

- Exchange with the CTO Office and significant insights into the CHECK24 IT world

- Overview of the topics of the IT career to explicitly show the development opportunities as well as to present internal events, programs and feedback processes

- Different use cases to look at the products from the customer's perspective

- Exciting presentations from key areas of expertise, such as native apps or data science

- Dinner together to get to know each other better

We want to thank all the previous participants, trainers and coordinators who have enthusiastically participated!

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