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CHECK24 IT Onboarding
CHECK24 IT Onboarding

16. August 2022

CHECK24 IT Onboarding

For a tech company like CHECK24, IT plays a particularly important role. Our platform thrives on motivated and smart software developers who make our service a little bit better every day. To give all new starters a perfect start in this important area, there is the CHECK24 IT Onboarding Program.

What is IT Onboarding?

IT Onboarding at CHECK24 is aimed at all IT employees who are new to CHECK24 or are transferring internally to this area. The two-day event takes place each month at the Munich location, alternating between German and English. For this purpose, all new starters travel to Munich and thus get the opportunity to visit the main location and exchange ideas with each other.

Why is onboarding held?

The goal of IT onboarding is to provide all IT employees with a general overview of CHECK24 and to pick up employees on the IT vision & strategy. However, the focus is on making clear the great speciality of CHECK24 - namely our independent units. Behind our numerous products are many small independent teams that are able to act completely independently. In order to communicate this vision to the new starters, various guest speakers from the central units are invited.


I have been supervising the program for several years now and I always find it great to see how the participants completely understand and internalise the IT strategy and vision of CHECK24. In addition, the exchange over two days with so many good software developers, centrally in one place, is extremely fun.

Lead Technical Advisor, IT Career & Training

How does the onboarding process work?

The two days are all about insights and tips from real experts, networking and making contacts with other new starters. A highlight is the presentation by our IT Strategy Director, Stefan Becker, who explains the strategy and vision. Since participants have already been part of CHECK24 for a month, they have the opportunity to raise questions that come up during their daily work routine, which our guest speakers will answer personally. The two days of onboarding are broken up by group challenges such as the "Ball-Point-Game" to make agile working methods and principles more tangible.

Participants are divided into groups, given a bucket filled with balls and each team member is only allowed to touch the ball once. The goal of the game is to recreate different agile elements and meetings as well as retrospectives and to gain experience in a self-organised team, without a hierarchy.

In addition to the official program, the onboarding also offers the opportunity to review the day during a joint dinner as well as to discuss various topics in order to get to know each other better.

We would like to thank all the participants, trainers and coordinators who have participated so far with so much enthusiasm!

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