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Christian, Senior Accountant
Christian, Senior Accountant

15. February 2024

Christian, Senior Accountant

Christian started as an apprentice at CHECK24 in 2015 and is now a Senior Accountant. To learn about his career path at CHECK24 and get insights into his daily routine in the accounting department, check out the interview.

Hello Christian, please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Christian, I am 25 years old, and I work as a Senior Accountant at CHECK24. I began my training as a management assistant at CHECK24 in 2015, which I successfully completed in early 2018. Subsequently, I was hired as a Junior Accountant, promoted to Professional in 2020, and further promoted to Senior Accountant in 2022.

In 2019, I pursued additional training to become a certified accounting specialist, and since December 2021, I have been a certified accountant. I became aware of CHECK24 through Stepstone back then.

What are your specific tasks in accounting?

My tasks are very diverse, as our team is heavily involved in automation, process improvement, and software enhancements. In addition to managing our software in accounting (communication with service providers, user management, troubleshooting, etc.), it is also part of my responsibilities to assist my colleagues in daily accounting with any questions and, if possible, implement their ideas for improvements.

I don't have specific daily to-dos; they depend on the projects I am currently working on (e.g., mergers, tasks for the VAT annual return). I have regular tasks only during the monthly closing. For instance, I am responsible for certain intercompany reconciliations and the intercompany reconciliation.

What working methods/tools do you use in the team?

We use the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2017. LoboDMS serves as our document management system, and our banking program is called Multicash. Additionally, we are currently in the final phase of implementing the expense management tool Jenji. Through this app, employees can submit their expenses for the company, which are then reimbursed by the accounting department.

In addition to these programs, I work extensively with Excel. We have a team meeting (Jour Fixe) every two weeks with our team and our Head of Department. During these meetings, we discuss current topics, timelines (e.g., regarding the annual audit), and the progress of tasks. Our team also utilizes Trello to organize and coordinate tasks for all team members.

Which three terms are indispensable in the daily life of an accountant?

Booking, payment run, and accounts payable lists.

Christian, Senior Accountant

You originally started as an apprentice. How do you perceive the career opportunities at CHECK24?

I personally perceive the career opportunities at CHECK24 as very good. Hard work is recognized and rewarded with support for further development.

My career path began with the apprenticeship, where I had the opportunity to explore various areas such as HR, recruiting, or reception alongside accounting. However, my main focus was on accounting. During my apprenticeship, I gained a lot of knowledge by participating in almost all tasks.

As mentioned earlier, I was then hired as a Junior Accountant. My responsibilities included the financial management of some of our GmbHs (acting as a contact person for colleagues and external parties, booking all business transactions, and handling accounts payable lists). Until the end of 2019, I was part of a team responsible for daily accounting tasks. In early 2020, I was able to join the Consolidation team. I pursued further education as an accounting specialist while working, and after that, from February to October 2021, I attended a full-time course for the Certified Public Accountant examination. I passed the exam after the talking part in December 2021. The level of difficulty for the Certified Public Accountant is significantly higher than that of the accounting specialist, making the nine months challenging and demanding a lot of studying. In retrospect, it was definitely worth it.

What exactly makes the accounting role at CHECK24 so exciting?

Due to the growth and diversity of products at CHECK24, there are always new and varied tasks in accounting. Established processes are frequently reassessed, and new processes are introduced. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute, and their ideas are heard. I believe this sets CHECK24's accounting apart from many other companies.

And finally, tell us what your typical evening looks like after work!

On my typical evening after work, I first have to commute for 45 minutes by train to get home, since I live a bit outside of Munich. Upon arriving home, I have dinner with my family, and maybe there are some minor tasks to take care of, such as household chores. After that, I spend the evening on the couch or make plans to meet up with friends.

However, there are also occasional after-work beers or events at the office, so sometimes I return home a bit later on those days.

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