The CHECK24 tech scholarship for students

Time to get busy!

The scholarship for students who love to code!

The GenDev Scholarship was established to support aspiring students in the field of computer science to focus on what truly matters: implementing real tech projects. We strongly believe that hands-on experience and working on production code at a young age is the cornerstone to building great software solutions later in life.

Applications will be open again from the 17th of October until the 13th of November 2022

Financial support

450€ monthly for a period of 12 months for more time and flexibility to implement your software projects and improve your skills. Through this we hope to inspire your passion for software development.


Share your love for lean software solutions with like-minded people: We invite you to exciting tech talks and events at our Munich office. Meet other IT students or exchange ideas with our software developers who have been successfully developing software for years.

Work & Learn

In addition to the scholarship, we won't hesitate to let you write important code, as long as you really want to. Constantly working on your own software projects isn't challenging enough for you anymore? If you are curious and interested in working on production code, we will surely find an exciting project for you in one of our many software teams. Your time and contribution as a working student or intern will certainly be remunerated additionally.

Kostas, CTO CHECK24

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for students who love to code. People who do not only talk about it, but coders who like to ship. These are the students we would like to support with the GenDev Scholarship.

Kostas Pyliouras, CTO CHECK24

Our mission with this scholarship

Support young tech talents on their journey as passionate developers

We are passionate

  • We take responsibility to shape the future generation of developers.
  • We take pride in supporting, training and motivation young developers.

We are honest & fair

  • We meet at eye level and take your ideas and work serious.
  • We believe in radical candor to help you grow - therefore, we will give you honest feedback.
  • You don´t commit to us as an employer by applying and receiving the scholarship.

We are demanding

  • We expect you to constantly expand your skills.
  • We believe that the best way to increase your skills is to work on production code and learn on-the-job.
  • We will make you an offer to gain relevant experience in one of our software developer teams - We do not stand in the way to let you write important code.

To apply, you...

  • are studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field.
  • live in or around Munich.
  • love to code and are experienced in at least one programming language.
  • actually build software and you know (or are curious to learn) what it means to run software in a production environment.

Application process

1. Online application form

You will be asked to complete a short online application. Fill in your contact details & some short general information regarding your studies. Show us one of your own tech projects you are particularly proud of or take part in our coding challenge. Tell us why you should receive the scholarship & convince us that you love to code.

2. We invite you to visit us

If you convinced us with your story, we will schedule a meeting with you in person. In an one-hour interview, we will challenge your tech skills and find out whether we share the same love for solving complex technical challenges.

3. You hear back from us

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the overall strength of their submitted tech projects and their passion for shipping code to production.


How do I send in my tech project?

The easiest way is to include a link to your public GitHub repository in your application. Make sure that a is included in your repository that explains the most important things about your project. Bonus: Include a link to a running demo of the project (if it's a website) or describe how the project can be run locally.

How does the coding challenge work?

If you do not want to send in one of your previous projects there is another way. You can take part in our coding challenge. Here we provide you with our own idea for a project. You are building an application that helps customers to go on holidays (something like Find more information on our GitHub.

I want to keep my repository private

You might have good reasons not to share your repository with everyone. If you want to keep your repository private, you can do that. Still, include the link to your GitHub repository in your application. Additionally, provide READ access to this GitHub account. So only we can see your code (and we are not going to share it, we promise).

Do you favor completing the coding challenge over sending in my own tech project?

We don't have a preference on this. All we care about is that you submit a coding project that demonstrates your motivation and your coding skills. The topic doesn't matter. What matters is, that you love to code.

Does the scholarship affect my BAföG?

You are receiving BAföG? Please let us know in your application, then we will provide you with further information on this topic.

Am I good enough?

In case you are wondering if you are good enough to apply for the scholarship we would like to encourage you to do so anyway. For us the most important requirement is your passion and motivation for writing code as well as your openness to steadily learn and grow.

You still have unanswered questions?

Write us an email.