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Lisa-Marie, Product Manager
Lisa-Marie, Product Manager

18. July 2022

Lisa-Marie, Product Manager

After her degree in the event sector, Lisa-Marie transferred to IT and has been a Product Manager for the travel comparison portal since November 2021. In this interview, she tells us which guideline motivates her the most and why personal initiative and assertiveness are especially required.

Hello, Lisa-Marie. Please introduce yourself briefly.

I studied International Hotel Management and finished my degree in 2020. During my studies, I undertook various internships in the hotel and event planning industries which drew my interest for the distribution sector. At CHECK24, I started off as a Customer Advisor for all-inclusive holidays. After an exciting year in Customer Advising, I wanted to take on a new challenge. My team lead helped me find the right position within the company. So, in November 2021, I transferred to the IT department as a Product Manager for the travel comparison portal.

What can you tell us about your career at CHECK24?

CHECK24 is the first company where I’ve truly experienced personal development. I was able to complete the application process and internal move to a new department within only one month. My onboarding plan was highly personalised to my needs so that I could independently organise and develop the neccessary topics as much as possible. The transfer was made much easier by my colleagues’ open-mindedness - both Developers and Product Managers who supported me with every question and issue through learning-by-doing. This integrated me faster than I originally thought it would take.

What are your top 3 reasons for working at CHECK24?

Team spirit - We always want to succeed as a team and support each other - there are very few lone rangers here.

Innovative spirit - We’re not afraid to explore new territory.

Your opinion matters - We’re always looking for open discussions and everyone can voice their ideas or doubts.

What should an ideal employee bring to the team?

Personal initiative - both to the team as well as personality development. Your personal commitment determines the area that you’ll build knowledge in and the extent to which you’ll be responsible for projects.

Lisa-Marie, Product Manager

How would you describe your job as a Product Manager?

The main attribute here is diverse. Apart from the regular meetings and morning appointments, there’s no specific structure to the day. The tasks can generally be clustered into 4 areas: project management, external partner support, figures or data work and product optimisation.

Our system landscape is always at the focus of our daily work and is continually monitored. This means that we Product Managers discover technical challenges and optimization potential, prioritise them and hand them over to the developers to process. New projects are the innovative and creative part, mostly with external partners in order to expand our range of products and activities for our customers. Figures and data form the basis of every Product Manager’s work, which we use to measure, evaluate and optimize our performance.

We want to continuously expand our range for customers and simplify the service - my area of focus is on everything that a customer wants to change or add to his trip after booking it. For example, I’m currently working on enabling the customer to add additional services.

Which of our guidelines drives you the most?

Unconditional customer focus - I design a product and the corresponding services that I would expect and enjoy myself.

Manoeuvrable speedboats - This is more directly tested than spoken about in order to quickly reach success.

Your tip for young professionals who are interested in product management.

Personal initiative and assertiveness are important here. If you want to drive things forward, work independently, can think outside of the box and don’t give up when things get difficult, then product management is perfect for you. Three years ago, I couldn’t have imagined transferring towards IT Product Management - the diversity of the tasks and work philosophy in my current position have opened up new paths for me.

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