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Hire a Friend: Katharina & Faryal
Hire a Friend: Katharina & Faryal

27. July 2023

Hire a Friend: Katharina & Faryal

Faryal has been working in IT recruiting at CHECK24 in Munich since the fall of 2021. Based on her positive experience, Faryal recruited Katharina through the Hire-a-Friend program. In the meantime, Katharina has also worked part-time in HR for over a year. In the interview, you can find out how the two know each other and what convinced Katharina to join CHECK24.

Hello, you two. Please introduce yourselves briefly.

I'm Faryal, from Munich, and I've been working in IT recruiting at CHECK24 since fall 2021. I enjoyed recruiting new colleagues in my previous job, so I liked starting in Active Sourcing. I am responsible for approaching the right IT talents on LinkedIn and Xing and getting them excited about CHECK24.


I am Katharina, and I have been working in Recruiting at CHECK24 since April 2022. Before that, I worked in the hotel industry and real estate and came to CHECK24 as a career changer. I am now part of the Operations Team and am responsible for our HR tools and supporting the recruiting colleagues at all locations. 

How do you know each other?

This story is unusual because Faryal and I are sisters! 

It's rare that pairs of siblings even work together in the same department. Therefore, it was not a classic "Hire a Friend" as we are friends and family.

What did Faryal tell you about CHECK24, and what convinced you? 

Faryal was always excited about her job - but especially about the team, the cohesion and the relaxed company culture. You could tell she enjoys her work and likes going to the office. Having the right people around you - that's a decisive factor.

Why did you think Kathi would be a good fit for CHECK24? 

Kathi is very open-minded and full of energy. I knew that she would not only fit us professionally but, above all, that the team fit would be perfect. And I was entirely right with my assessment, right?

What's the best thing about the Hire-a-Friend program?

Besides my sister, I was able to make other referrals and was able to turn friends into CHECKitos.

Faryal, IT-Recruiting

How did your application process for Hire a Friend to work out?

Faryal sent me the matching job ad, and we both agreed that it was a perfect fit for my skills and experience. I applied without further ado, and then everything went quite quickly, and I already got to know my current manager during the first interviews. The fact that all the people I met during the process were likeable made the application process a lot of fun.

Ultimately, I got the job and have been at CHECK24 for almost 1.5 years, and I am still super happy!

Would you recommend CHECK24 as an employer again?

Definitely! Besides my sister, I have been able to make other "Hire-a-Friend" recommendations and have been able to turn friends into CHECKitos. Everyone is super satisfied, which of course, makes me very happy. 

Were your expectations met, and are you happy in your current position?

I am super happy with my current position and team.

The exchange on a professional and human level is just great because I have different sparring partners at my side, and I appreciate that we are confronted with new topics, but also problems, bugs, etc., daily. 

I love setting up new processes and optimizing existing ones - these tasks are just right for me, and I thrive on them. All in all, it's simply a perfect match!

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